SEO & Dating

Search engine optimization (or simply SEO) is nowadays more critical than ever, and it is necessary for every website owner to understand the potential that it can create for every business – it can even be used for dating. While it is effective, effectual SEO requires extensive research, and this is why webmasters utilize competitive intelligence and other tools in their SEO efforts. The keyword planner PPC tool makes it easier to conduct searches on keywords and once the needed information is acquired, it becomes simpler to implement an effective campaign. To make this PPC tool more useful, here are top 5 features that you should always leverage:

• Mobile Trends: Through the improved Google Adwords tool, you can now assess the volume of monthly searches conducted using different mobile gadgets. A representation of this is given in an interactive graph that allows you to view estimated volumes through a pop-up box. This can help you plan your mobile SEO efforts accordingly.

• Absolute and Relative Changes: It is necessary for marketers and webmasters to compare percentage changes for every ad group within a certain period. With the absolute and relative change figures, it becomes easier to gauge keywords that are rising and those that are declining. A brand can subsequently develop better ways to ensure it remains relevant to its audience. If your website is focused on affiliate products or programs such as the 67 Steps Rocks by Tai Lopez, for instance, it is important to focus on keywords such as happiness, health, and wealth because these are the keywords that your audience or people looking for such programs may be interested in.

• Flexible Time Period: The keyword planner can help advertisers or webmasters weigh results based on daily, monthly, quarterly or annual estimates. When combined with data obtained through competitive intelligence, such breakdowns can assist in identifying loopholes and in turn, existing marketing strategies can be readdressed.

• Specific Time Period: It is now possible to look into the volume estimates of a specific period of time. This period can be compared with the same period in the previous year or contrasted against a custom date.

• Location Breakdowns: When you are aiming to reach an audience in a particular area, this feature enables you to view details on the region you are targeting. Such estimates include the neighborhood, county, postal code and district. Visualization of these can be depicted in a graph, and with this, it becomes possible to identify opportunities and at the same, eliminate what is not working.

Bye and large, the keyword planner is your gateway to developing effective search engine optimization or marketing. Through it, you can select and integrate keywords that will help you maximize on your SEO or Google Adwords campaign.

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